About Us - Goldstar Innovations
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About Us

Since it’s inception, Goldstar Innovations™ has been a leading force in the field of designer consumer electronics. Goldstar Innovations produces revolutionary products, sold domestically and worldwide. Our products are characterized by unique and imaginative design showcasing the best the technology has to offer. We stay ahead of the curve by focusing on what matters to you- cutting edge products, creative packaging and constant innovation. Recognizing the importance of speed to market, branding and on-time delivery, we utilize a strategic approach to business to meet the needs of retailers and consumers alike. Our research and product development teams, located in the U.S. and in Asia, keep us at the helm of the ever changing marketplace, applying the latest trends in technology and design. Our corporate offices are located in New York City.

Power to the People.

With so many companies on the market, it can become confusing to distinguish one from the other. Goldstar Innovations sets itself apart by focusing on one priority- You. By honing in on customer needs and desires, we create products that work for you. Concentrating on quality, reliability and affordability, a Goldstar Innovations product will always feel custom made for you.


Leaders not Followers.

Goldstar Innovations leads the way in the field of designer tech, focusing on the latest trends and designs. Our designers are constantly on the move, staying ahead of the pack. Any GSI Product will bear the stamp of individuality and innovation. Join the movement. Be a leader.