AH008C - Goldstar Innovations
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Take your passion for flying to the next level. With this superior Drone, you can enjoy the exhilarating feel of flight from the comfort of the ground. With the clear 2.0 MP HD camera, you can snap stunning pictures of aerial views never seen before. With the ability to fly up to 300 feet above ground, this Drone will give you a view like never before.

The most important thing any serious Drone flier looks for is a Drone that flies easily and with control. With the 6-axis gyro on this Drone, the aircraft will maintain superior balance and stability in the face of any flight disturbances. Controlled by the 2.4 gHZ remote, you can fly the Drone forward and backwards, side to side and up and down with ease. Engage Altitude Hold Mode to set the Drone at any height that you would like to maintain. You can fly the copter in any direction, and it will always return to the set height. This makes it easier to control, snap awesome pictures and perform epic stunts.

Each aspect of this Drone is created with safety and agility in mind. Each of the 4 Blades on this Drone are encircled by a protective guard, ensuring no damage could occur to the propellers while the Drone is in flight. With colorful LED lights strategically placed around the Drone, you will never lose sight of the aircraft while in flight. Special features of Headless Mode and Automatic Return create a seamless flying experience for users of all levels. For a flight with unlimited possibilities, fly Airhawk’s Raptor Drone.

Airhawk Dimensions: 17” x 17” x 2.8”