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H-6 Cayuse Helicopter



It’s always a fascinating sight to see a helicopter flying overhead or to see it landing nearby. One place where you would never expect to see a helicopter is in your own living room. With the H-6 Cayuse Helicopter, you can feel the thrill of flying a helicopter in your own home.

Because the Helicopter is controlled by infrared technology, it is recommended to fly this device indoors only. Outdoors, the rays of the sun may interfere with flight controls. With a 3.5 Channel controller, you can fly this copter back and forth, up and down, right to left. The copter can also hover in the air for a more realistic effect. The copter has a built in gyro, giving you more control and stability.

An LED Light built into the front of the copter helps keep track of the helicopter as it zooms by overhead. The light adds a realistic effect to the helicopter, making you feel as if you are flying the real thing.

The copter comes fully assembled and is ready to fly with the included transmitter. After being charged, this copter can fly, hover and dip for eight minutes before being returned to the ground.

Airhawk Dimensions:  12” x  5” x  2.5”