M-13 Predator Drone W/ Liveview Video - Goldstar Innovations
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M-13 Predator Drone W/ Liveview Video



Explore the world around you while never having to travel. Airhawk’s M-13 Predator Drone comes equipped with a live view camera that provides a continuous feed of stunning views captured by your drone. Fly over your neighborhood, take the drone out to the park or capture a stunning day at the beach. With the view being streamed directly to your phone or tablet, you can watch it live, or save it for future review.

The M-13 Predator Drone features a 6-axis gyro to promote balance and stability.  This will ensure that your videos captured will be of top-quality. The drone can be flown
in any direction you please- up and down, backwards, forwards, right and left. Challenge your Drone flying skills by performing amazing stunts, such as 3D-Flip or hovering midair.

Equipped with 4 propellers, this drone gives the user more control and stability than a standard copter. Each blade is protected with a shield to prevent any damage from collisions or bumpy landings. With the 4 channel 2.4 GHZ remote, this drone can be flown up to heights of 300 feet. The possibilities for fun, excitement and creativity are endless with this Live View Camera Drone.

Airhawk Dimensions: 17” x 17” x 2.8”