F-15 Eagle Drone W/ Camera - Goldstar Innovations
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F-15 Eagle Drone W/ Camera


U.S.A.100C >  DRONE

Flying a Drone with the US Army brand instills a sense of pride in its user, a feeling of strength, excitement and invincibility. That’s because the F-15 Eagle Drone from Goldstar Innovations embodies the spirit of the US Army and the American people. This Drone is equipped with cutting edge features and packed with performance points.  Integrating fine craftsmanship, solid construction and professional performance this, Drone is for the intrepid flyer.

The F-15 Eagle Drone is equipped with a 6-axis Gyro stabilization system to ensure maximum stability during flight. This helps the drone overcome flight disturbances and wind drift with much greater ease. The extreme stability allows users to capture stunning aerial shots with the HD Camera and get a clear steady view.

With so many options available, users can fly the ultimate flight of freedom. The Drone can be flown in any direction; fly forward, backwards, right to left and up and down with ease. Choose between three speeds modes. The F-15 Eagle will perform
jaw dropping aerial stunts midair, flipping and hovering on command. With heights
of up to 300 feet, there are virtually no limits to the Eagle’s flight. Extra features,
such as Headless Mode, make this Drone simple to fly and provide a superior
flying experience.

The Eagle Drone is functional and dependable at all times. With extended 8 minute flying time, users can enjoy flying and snapping pictures outdoors. Safety guards surrounding each propeller provide a protective circle of security for the Drone and it’s surroundings. LED Lights strategically placed around the Drone will guide flyers while the Drone soars overhead. As always, you can rely on the US Army Drone for a first-rate experience.

U.S. Army Dimensions: 12.4” x 12.4” x 4.1”