F-15 Eagle Drone W/ Liveview Video - Goldstar Innovations
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Flying this drone is not for the simple-minded or faint of heart. The F-15 Eagle US Army Drone is for the intrepid flier, for one with adventurous spirit willing to push the limits. A combination of cutting-edge craftsmanship and professional performance keep this Drone flying at heights of up to 300 feet. With the Live-view HD camera streaming straight to your phone or tablet, you can explore the world around you, going far beyond what you ever thought possible.

The F-15 Eagle Drone can easily overcome the challenges of the outdoors, delivering stronger wind resistance and flexibility, thanks to the 6-axis gyro. Superior balance and stability make it simple to control the drone as you fly up, down, forward, backwards, right, left and everywhere in between. Choose between 3 speed modes to fly with comfort and ease. With the ability to perform stunning stunts and 3D Flips, this rugged copter is the perfect pair for the fearless flier.

A drone as intelligent as is it is dependable, the F-15 Eagle is outfitted with features such as Headless Mode to help beginners get the feel of flying and Automatic Return to make sure that it will always return home. Four propellers surrounded by safety guards provide a protective edge for each blade, ensuring the security of the Drone and its user. With an extended flying time of 8 minutes, you will enjoy the ultimate flying experience.

U.S. Army Dimensions: 12.4” x 12.4” x 4.1”