F-15 Eagle Quadcopter - Goldstar Innovations
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F-15 Eagle Quadcopter



The F-15 Eagle manifests the spirit of America with is long life, great strength and majestic looks. Soaring above at 300 feet, the F-15 Eagle Copter, licensed exclusively from US Army, embodies the spirit of the Eagle and the American people.

The F-15 Eagle combines cutting edge performance with superior design. Controlled by a 2.4 gHz remote, the quadcopter maintains superior balance and control in the face of outdoor challenges. Equipped with the latest 6-axis gyro stabilization systems, this quadcopter is more stable and flexible when flying. Fly forward, backwards, right, left, up and down with the simple push of a button. The precision and resilience of the Eagle copter make this ideal flying machine.

US Army F-15 Eagle copter provides an exciting and engaging experience for all users. Intrepid fliers can perform all sorts of tricks and flips with this rugged quadcopter.  Safety guards surrounding each of the four propellers make this device dependable and secure. LED Lights scattered throughout the copter will keep the aircraft visible no matter how far you fly. With extra features, such as Headless Mode and Automatic Return you can be assured that this US Army quadcopter will always make its way home.

U.S. Army Dimensions: 12.4” x 12.4” x 4.1”